How the Military Conquered the Natives of Subterranean Earth

It's another installment of Entropist, a scifi culture column by futurist design maven Geoff Manaugh, author of BLDG BLOG. You stumble on a cave in the mountains of Slovenia. Rumor has it this place inspired Dante's descriptions of Hell in his Divine Comedy. Called the Postojna Jama, it's a real cave. Let's say, then,… » 2/01/08 9:00am 2/01/08 9:00am

Give Me Some (Artificial) Skin

In Patrick Süskind's 1985 novel Perfume, a psychotic perfumer goes to murderous lengths to create the ultimate scent. He kills a young woman to incorporate her natural smell into his latest cologne - and he is himself later ripped apart by people driven into a state of bloodlust by the power of his creations. But the… » 11/30/07 9:00am 11/30/07 9:00am

i have a 42" panasonic plasma 720p in my family room and a 37" toshiba 1080p LCD in my bedroom. on big football weekends i bring the LCD to our family room to have multiple games going at once. my wife says the LCD is a better (brighter) picture watching games but i prefer the plasma because the blacks are better. i… » 11/04/06 6:33pm 11/04/06 6:33pm